Let’s eat Grandpa vs let’s eat, Grandpa

Written by Fi Todd

Grammar – that one thing we had drummed into our heads on a daily basis back in school. But despite years of learning the wicked ways of the English language, many of us still tend to slip-up sometimes when it comes to its proper use. Such errors have the power to turn your intended message right on its head. Although this may be highly entertaining for readers (and me whilst researching examples for this blog), it might not be the best thing for your career.

When it comes to the PR industry, grammar is key. Us PR people are continually communicating with not just our clients, but the media – the ones who have power to put your content in front of thousands and potentially millions of readers. This is why grammar is the be-all and end-all of staying professional, and something that can help you to prevent the loss of all dignity.

Let’s focus on commas, the tiny little symbol that can change a completely normal sentence into one that throws your professionalism right out the window. Take, for example, the following sentences and no doubt you’ll immediately spot the poorly avoided comma.

‘Help your Uncle Jack, off a horse.’

‘Help your Uncle Jack off a horse.’

Now you can understand the importance of commas in a sentence. However, it’s not just commas you need to be aware of – full stops are just as important and play a vital role in giving your sentence the intended meaning.

‘Thank You! Your donation just helped someone. Get a job.’

The bottom line is; grammar isn’t something that can be ignored. It’s what helps us communicate with each other and where would PR be today if we didn’t communicate with each other correctly? From recent experience in proof-reading, checking content over more than once can help you spot these grammatical mistakes before it’s too late…