‘STOP! Collaborate and listen’ – Design briefs

Written by Božidar Novaković

Written brief graphic

Design briefs are there for consolidating thoughts and to make sure everyone fully understands what is required. Little did I know whilst performing the ‘Running Man’ back in 1989 at the local disco, that I would be using the opening lyrics from the hip hop song Ice, Ice, Baby’ to illustrate some of the key fundamentals of putting together a design brief. A brief that will help deliver the best outcome within the set requirements, at a minimal cost. Receiving a final invoice for a design job that is way over the initial estimate is neither comfortable to send or be a recipient of.

Before starting to put together a brief, here are some points to consider:

  1. Target audiences:
    Be clear who the audience is, who you are trying to reach and really understand the demographics. See how the use of storytelling can help captivate the market audience.
  2. Competitors:
    The aim is to produce something that stands out from the crowd. Knowing what your competitors are doing can help leverage your presence in the market.
  3. Project objectives:
    Outline what is required from the design, be as specific as possible in what needs to be achieved.
  4. Schedule and budget:
    Specify what the schedules and budgets are. It can help tailor the service and achieve maximum value for money.
  5. Materials:
    Including examples of internal and external materials you like and dislike can be a valuable guide to help shape the new design.

Collaborate and listen

A design brief sets clear expectations between the client and designer. Communication is key for the relationship to prosper in order to ensure delivery of a successful solution.

There may be a need for minor adjustments or full-scale changes to the brief and project, but these are easily overcome, with less disruption, if the channels of communication remain open and effective.

Design projects can vary, but our downloadable template is a good starting point and can be adjusted as necessary and tailored to your brief.